Ideas Are Always Evolving

If I have a food truck I must be selling food right? What kind of food do I want to sell…hmmm.

Question: ‘What do I plan on serving in my food truck?’

At the moment the me.n.u is pretty simple consisting of my favorite Dim Sum dishes, Malaysian Satay, egg tarts and mango pudding (just brainstorming take these suggestions with a grain of salt, its going to be a while till I actually BUY a food truck)
I can start my food truck right meow and outsource all the food having a food truck out on the road in 5 months…..But that’s totally not my style! That would take a huge chunk out of the entire process! I would feel like I am cheating and jumping on the banwagon. 
In the upcoming months I do not plan to be living in Canada!

Question: But you wanted to start a food truck didn’t you?

I am going to travel to South East Asia gaining new recipes and skills. To earn money to EAT and LIVE I plan on teaching English in the countries I decide to reside in. The only place I might not need to teach would be Malaysia and Singapore. I have family to live with in these countries. Malaysia and Singapore will be my home base in Asia. I will use this as a port to visit other Asian countries. If something bad happens I can always return to home base ;).

Teaching English while traveling is always something I wanted to do. I just want to get out of Canada for a bit. I want to experience a different culture. Learn something new. Is that too much to ask for? I am going to make this a reality. You read it here first! When I am in Asia in a couple of months, you can look back and you will see I set the goal right here! 


How To Over Come Your Fears

I’m looking forward to hearing back from the SFVA executive director whom I emailed. I also can’t wait to hear back from all those other food trucks in Toronto. Having this drive and desire its something I have never felt before. I can’t wait to wake up every morning to crush it.

Today I sent a twitter message a guy who worked on a food truck very recently; I hope he loves to talk about himself a lot! People tend to love talking about themselves. I was once told by my friend (Chris) and started taking notice. The wise would tell you that every moment your mouth is open you’re missing an opportunity to learn something knowledgeable.

Later in the evening I have a family dinner where my parents (whom are in Malaysia) did not attend. I managed to tell them a very rough idea of my plan. To my surprise they all had a positive reaction and response. They loved the concepts of the food I am going to put on my food truck. What food am I going to sell? Keep reading and you’ll find out soon enough!

I realize food brings people together, it’s always been an important feature at my family gatherings. I was raised by having family dinners  every night with the televison off! My parents weekly dinners was a huge tradition growing up. At family events sometimes there’s no alcohol sometimes gambling but one thing I do know is that there’s always FOOD. 


Why start a food truck business?

Why did I want to start a food truck? Simple….! Because I love to eat! I love the satisfaction I get when someone eats my food and enjoys it. I love the aspect how food brings people together. I love how everyone shares some sort of food story. I love how I never seen a fight break out over the topic of food *food fight!*

If you know me I’m pretty health conscious. People might question if I love “food” because I workout religiously and have such a strict “diet”. Let me tell you a secret…I have to work out because my metabolism is slow as puck and I wanna look like Arnold neked.

 I want to mention that I watch countless hours of the Food Network so I’d say I’m pretty good in a kitchen *insert female joke here*. Well you didn’t answer my question Allen your just talking about yourself, so why a Food Truck?

I want a food truck because the main thing that caught my eye was the lack of popularity in food trucks in Toronto.  Also the only street food that is popular in Toronto is hot dogs! I love me some street meat…(no homo) but really? We live in the most diverse city in the we only have hot dogs? Someone is rolling over in their grave! So my mission is to bring some of my favorite foods into Toronto, Canada. Food I love and discover 


Start Up Business

My parents have left for Malaysia for a month and I have the entire house to myself (time to party!)

Without my parents at home it’s time for me to change my habits* and my thought processes* I can’t be stuck in the “rat race” forever. 

Today I started writing out a list of goals for April. These are goals that will help me get some sort of movement in the right direction for the following month. I’ll update you with what I have done thus far.

I emailed Toronto Underground Market and Ontario Food Trucks asking if I could volunteer with the utmost desire to learn. I told them I would want to learn skills that could help me start a food truck. I have made a list of all the food trucks in Toronto. I still have a lot more people to contact. I really hope *cross fingers* I’ll have so many responses that I’ll need to produce an excel spreadsheet just to keep a tally of all of them! I can dream cant I…

 I don’t want to focus too closely on just the food truck industry. I’m not only looking into one sector. I will look into many areas that could increase my chance for success. I am currently trying to seek individuals with a great deal of experience to gain some specialized knowledge. I hope these people can lead me in the right direction. 


Starting A Food Truck In Toronto

“Do you ever wonder what it would be like to leave your job and start a food truck?”

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above your going to love reading this blog!

Hi and welcome! My name is Allen Tan and I love FOOD TRUCKS! Everything from the idea of selling food  to being on the street! I think food trucks are like a hot dog cart on steroids (feel the pump)! I want to tell you all that I am going to learn the food truck business from the bottom up. What do I mean when I say ‘bottom up?”. I mean stick your ass out and do a little dance! All joking aside…I mean…   

I possess no culinary skills or any knowledge about food trucks (business related). NOTHING AT ALL. I just watch a shit ton of Food Network.

In all honesty watching countless hours of Eat street, and thinking “Man! This would be way sicker then a normal 9-5 job!” I started to read books to see new perspectives and increase my knowledge. One of the things I can tell you is everything starts and ends with DESIRE. If you truly want something you better have a burning desire to get it. Mix that with faith and self confidence and you’re on the right path! After reading and applying the principles from Think and Grow Rich. I can tell you I have the DESIRE and faith to pursue my dream. I promise I will show you each step I take to finally achieve my food truck! You don’t have to be wondering how to start a food truck, I am here to show you. 

Me.n.u are about to go on a culinary journey.

I welcome you to Me.n.u Food Truck! Hope you’re as excited as I am to start this new chapter in my life.